Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

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Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

There is a certain perception that is perpetuated about gamer girls, particularly those that stream on The perceptions are that they are all airheads who use their bodies to get money, and this is true about a segment of the female gaming population, but it is by no means even the majority. There are also girl streamers who are just attractive.

In either case, we do know that a key to success on the channel is that you have to be good at what you do and not just look good doing it. Whenever and wherever you stream, you’ll need to follow a set of rules and guidelines which the service provider lays down; some people just can’t handle that.’s ever-evolving guidelines for banning includes quite a number of things from dressing in outfits deemed too revealing to consumption of alcohol, to of course nudity.

Whenever someone breaks those enough, the service will issue some sort of banning which will hurt not only your revenue but may cause other services pause from picking you up. With that out of the way, here are 15 streamers too hot for Twitch to handle.

#1. Lilchiipmunk.

There are a number of reasons that Twitch might ban you, most of them regarding the sexuality of one’s stream. Lilchiipmunk was banned for one of the more unusual reasons, specifically, it was because she was dancing on stream. Okay, so as you’re probably thinking, these dances must have been quite sexually suggestive. Well, for the most part, her dance moves weren’t that sexual, but her clothing choices were. The people who manage Twitch deemed the combination of her outfits and her dancing to be too risqué for the streaming service and so she was terminated. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the service provider has the right to terminate and suspend their users at their own leisure.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#2. Zoie Burgher.

So, where to begin about this particular streamer? There’s more wrong with her than it is right. In fact, there are quite a number of reasons she could be banned from Twitch (or any other streaming service). The ultimate reason for her banning was for dressing too provocatively, ironically it was her most modest outfit to date.

This former-Twitch turned YouTube girl has a lot of questionable content, chief among them her “attempt” to explain the Syrian Civil War and rise of ISIL while wearing nothing but a bikini. A decision that led to her being terminated from Twitch shortly thereafter. It is actually rather surprising what she has been up to in the time since her contract was terminated for violating Twitch rules. Zoie Burgher has created an all-woman gaming team called Luxe Gaming.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#3. LegendaryLea.

There is a lot to say about LegendaryLea, most of them are actually pretty nice. Unfortunately, her ban from Twitch was not out of her wantonly breaking any rules, but rather an accidental flashing as she got up from her seat. Sure, this one woman has a tendency to dress provocatively, but it has consistently been judged to be within the Twitch content rules and thus not like many of other stream-girls out there. Lea’s style of streaming is very laid back and feels almost like you’re hanging out with a friend who is exceptionally comfortable around you. LegendaryLea’s streaming career isn’t over and for many people, that’s great. She is pretty good at what she does.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#4. STPeach.

STPeach is noted for her looks and love of cosplaying and her gaming skills have largely been forgotten thanks to a certain incident which got her temporarily banned from The ban that STPeach received for having a nip-slip while appearing live on stream was only temporary, as these things usually are.

Some people were unhappy about such a short ban. The main reason that those few vocal individuals were so upset about her temporary ban is that they consider her to be a complete and utter jerk to people. According to what has been said, STPeach may have broken up with her boyfriend of five years on stream (there doesn’t seem to be an actual consensus on this one). Whatever opinions are of this steaming queen, you have to admit that she does Samus right.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#5. Foxyzilla.

Okay, before we proceed we need to get one thing straight, Foxyzilla is not a “bikini streamer,” so get your mind out of that gutter. Anyway, moving along, Foxyzilla is an attractive streamer and one of the most entertaining that I’ve ever seen. She’s also good at the games she plays. If you’ve seen the kind of humor she has, you’ll have noticed that it can get rather raunchy, so why was she banned from Twitch? Well, it was thanks to something which was outside of her control. Initially, she had asked Twitch if it was okay that she has someone advertise for her and they said it was. Unfortunately, the advertising body took to spamming people with stuff for her channel and she got banned. According to many fans, the ban is unjust, however, the YouTube Gaming interface looks a lot better than Twitch.TV’s, so it evens out.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#6. Pink_Sparkles.

Pink_Sparkles is known for several things, among the most unusual is her tendency to paint her nose with a black heart, but that isn’t the point of this blurb. Unlike most streamers who get banned from Twitch or other streaming services, Pink_Sparkles was banned for a number of violations which just stacked on top of each other in rapid succession. The video that ultimately got her banned was of her twerking. The love of showing off what she’s got made her quite popular with viewers. Her popularity increased dramatically after she performed more suggestive dances than twerking while live on camera. During one live session of hers,’s staff caught her in the middle of the act and jerked the stream offline. Pink_Sparkles did not receive a permanent ban, but it was enough to make her alter her on-camera presence.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

#7. Amouranth.

Here is someone whose bans are quite unusual, mostly because she broke Twitch policies in different ways than just being too sexually suggestive. Amouranth’s bans are largely rooted in how she categorized her streams, mainly by putting her streams in the IRL category, which brought her a lot more views. This helped to grow her channel, especially because of her love of dressing in rather provocative outfits and dancing. Twitch may not have banned her if she didn’t abuse the category selection, which was reported repeatedly. Something that is not surprising is that many of the people who reported her took an active role in trying to slut-shame her, particularly on YouTube and forum sites like Reddit. In the wake of what appears to be a temporary ban from streaming, Amouranth’s modeling career seems to have picked up.

Twitch Banned Streamers: 15 Streamers Who Were Too Hot To Handle.

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