Here’s How To Make Him Realise That He Is Losing You.

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6 Signs That She Is Really Interested In You. 

Are you in a relationship for a long time and you started feeling that your man is paying less attention to you? He has started ignoring you and spends less time with you than he used to? You might also be experiencing sexual rejection or a lack of affection, less talk about your future together. So, now the question is, how do you make him realize he is about to lose you? These signs are very important part of a relationship. If you aren’t getting what you are putting in, it is definitely a wrong one. And if you will keep doing this without clearing things out, it is only going to be you who’ll suffer in the end.

Here are several measures you can take to recapture his interest and love. These signs will clearly explain to him that he is losing you.

#1. Try Communicating In More Effective Way.

Only you know the chemistry and composition of your relationship The bonding and understanding of you two matters a lot when it comes to clearing things out.  Sometimes it is as easy as saying, “Hey, you seem distant lately. Is something wrong?”

Sometimes he will not or cannot give an answer. That is okay. If he does, then the root of the problem is laid bare. You can then openly discuss how he is losing you.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing this with your man, then look for the other ways mentioned below.

#2. Take A Step Back.

Love goes cold sometimes. Just listen to some songs by Adele if you do not believe me. Sometimes, love dies because the bond between two people has nothing to do with respect, appreciation, and acceptance. If you feel that you are about to lose one another, assess the health of the relationship. Are you being respected? Are you the one who is afraid of the loss? How would your leaving affect him?

Do not take anyone who puts you down and grows distant in a relationship or treats you like an object. If this is happening, you need to take a step back from the situation. Get away from him.

I do not want to tell you to treat him as you are being treated, but silence on your end could help you reflect on where the love has gone, and give him time to realize how much he misses you.

#3. Try Doing Something New, So That A New Spark Can Be Generated.

The both of you have to realize that a relationship is much more than bedroom fun time and trips to your favorite Italian restaurant. But the fantasy can get stale rapidly.

One way to wake him up is to suggest doing something new, something that would be a new way to bond. If he persists in doing the same old, then go and be your own person. Invite a friend on this new adventure. When you get back from it, do tell him about how much fun you had in his absence.

Just do not do it in a way that makes you sound petty or disdainful. Hint at how you would have liked him there then observe the reaction.

#4. Just Be Yourself, In Case You Have Changed Yourself To Adjust To This Relationship.

Wait! Look at yourself. Look at how being with this man may have changed you. Are you losing him or losing yourself? Did this change affect the way he sees you?

If you feel distanced not only from the man he used to be but from the woman you once were, it may be time to find yourself again. Who were you before he came along? Go back to that old hairstyle, that manner of dressing, of speaking and thinking. He will notice the difference, and it should wave a red flag in his face.

Making your partner realize he is about to lose you is like navigating whitewater rapids with hidden stepping stones. One misstep could drown you in regret because you do not want to hurt him. That is why you need to communicate effectively, try to do new things together, or accept that sometimes love goes cold and that you two need to move on.

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