9 Important Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

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Crucial Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

Your relationship reaches to the next level after a certain point of time. At this level, you actually wonder how do I proceed further. This next step involves physical intimacy, so unless both of you aren’t ready, it can ruin a relationship and create misunderstandings very fast.

You will start guessing if she also thinks the way you think, she also wants to make love as much as you want, or if you are going to be the first person to suggest making love? or maybe she’ll think you are kind of pervert? These things are natural and believe it or not, we all experience this at a certain point of time. Unfortunately, many relationships fail too at this point of time due to misunderstandings and of course bad timing.

You must assure your next step is the right step before proceeding, or you may put your relationship to an end. For that, you have to find out actually at what stage your relationship is before you step forward or make any move. The best way to find out this is by putting your observations and understanding skills at work, observe and understand the subtle indications that she might show you.

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1. How Much She Trusts You?

The common yet most important thing to notice in your relationship. All you need to do is to closely observe her subtle actions and expressions. Check if she trusts you with her purse and other private things. Check if she flinches every time you touch her? or how often she makes any eye contact with you? Her arms? Are they crossed or open while she is talking to you, by these things you can actually tell her that she is comfortable around you and trust you physically.

Crucial Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

2. Her Body Language.

Her body language is restricted? Isn’t she looking comfortable around you? Well, she should be sort of open when it comes being around you. When she is comfortable around you, you can simply tell that by looking at her body language, if you are not sure by checking her body language, your relationship isn’t prepared yet to move ahead.

Crucial Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

3. Her Legs Aren’t Crossed?

Then it is a good sign to go. If she keeps her legs crossed this clearly means that she is trying to avoid intimacy. It means that she is not yet ready or she finds you less interesting. So if she crosses her legs in front of you too much, consider this sign as a big “NO”.

Crucial Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

4. Eye Contact.

This is the sure sign of showing interest in a person. If you are interested in a person, you’ll have more eye contacts. It also means that she is confident when she speaks to you.

Crucial Things You Must Know Before Having $ex With Her.

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