16 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Daily!

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16 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Daily

Almost everyone loves sex, but a few engage in frequent sessions. Although sex does take energy and effort, there are 16 reasons while indulging in sex daily could change your life. Here they are…

1) Due to the release of oxytocin, sex could be a natural painkiller.

2) Oxytocin, a hormone for trust and bonding is one that is often released during sex. This helps in bonding for couples that engage in them.

3) Sex is a direct result of lower blood pressure. Joseph J. Pinzone, medical director of Amai Wellness does say “Research suggests a link between sex and lower blood pressure”.

4) It is an antidote for a longer life, and this is due to the good heart rate sex could afford you. England Research Institute has proposed that men who indulge in frequent sex are less likely to have heart diseases.

5) Good sex could equal good life. This is a result of a healthy heart from frequent sex.

6) A research conducted on male mice who were allowed to indulge in constant sex is found to be less stressed.

7) From all the good mood hormones that flood your system during sex, depression and anxiety are overcome.

8) The release of dopamine during sex helps reduce the stress that has built up during the day and thereby aids in a good sleep.

9) Builds your immunity. More sex helps maintain the release of Immunoglobulin A, an antigen that helps protect the body from disease.

10) The daily post cites a study that says that sex reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer in men.

11) This helps in keeping the participants strong and fit.

12) Sex helps in regulating hormones and periods in females.

13) Due to the positioning of the pelvic muscles, they play a vital role in humans having sex. Therefore this strengthens them.

14)The National Bureau of Economic Research) released a research finding that suggests that s*x could create happiness in people happy far longer than money could.

15) Sex amongst other things is a physical exercise and one that continues to challenge our physical stamina and strength. And as such, that helps increase your stamina when you engage in it frequently.

16) Energy. It is known that males lose some energy during sex to the female. Little wonder boxers and other fighters abstain from that during training camps. But for couples, that could be a great thing.

Therefore it is important to let partners in a relationship know the many advantages of sex. This brings forth happiness between the two.

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