I Wish People Understood These 10 Things About My Depression.

I Wish People Understood These 10 Things About My Depression.

Millions of people deal with Depression every day in their lives. It is very common, yet it has a stigma attached to it. Dealing with depression every day is not an easy job. People feel wary about sharing their feelings with friends and family. Sometimes it seems like there is no way they could ever understand what you’re going through. Though many of our friends and family try to do their best to understand and support the person with depression, still, there are some things that make it difficult for them to understand.

Here are some things I wish more people understood about depression, because I know I’m not alone in my battle with depression, and I know that nobody else will this illness is alone either.

#1. My Depression Turns Me Into Someone I’m Not.

The worst thing about depression is, it is really manipulative. It can, and it does turn the person into a someone that you don’t know, and that you don’t like. It makes the person impulsive, careless, numb and empty.

When I’m going through a hard bat with my depression, I wish people understood I’m just as uncomfortable with the way I am acting as they are. I’m unhappy with my demeanor and I’m unhappy with the way I react and make other people feel. But, I try to the best of my ability to work on it.

#2. My Depression Is Not Who I Am.

Being depressed isn’t a title. It’s a diagnosis, and that’s it. I will not let my diagnosis dictate how I see myself or how I let others see me. I won’t let my diagnosis stop me from accomplishing the things that I’ve dreamed of accomplishing. It’s not something that I necessarily ‘suffer’ from 24×7, it’s just something that I have, and something that I manage. While some days are hard, others are even harder. But, I won’t let it control me, I won’t let it be the boss of my life- at least I struggle and I fight with it every day.

#3. Please Be ‘Extra’ Patient With Me.

Let’s just be honest, managing a mental illness is hard. It’s even harder when you’re trying to figure it all out along the way. Nobody is born with a manual on how to deal with being mentally ill, and having to deal with one and learn about it at the same time means that I’ll make mistakes, and I’ll get frustrated with myself and everybody trying to help me. I’m sorry, and I need you to be patient with me. I can’t do this unless you are supporting me patiently.

#4. Therapy And Medications May Not Suit Well, And That’s Completely Okay.

The first time I went through this, I thought the idea of getting better was completely useless. I learned soon after that this is normal, and that I’m going to have to try every single form of therapy and multiple medications until one really works for me.

#5. Yes, Depression Is Terrifying And Am Living With It Daily.

I’m scared of my depression, and I’m scared of who my depression turns me into. I know that my depression scares those close to me, but trust me, it scares me the most. Turning into somebody who you don’t know and don’t like and letting doctors probe into your life and prescribe you different pills that they don’t even know will work is terrifying. It’s scary, but it’s a process, and I know that it won’t always be this scary.

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